Services Offered

Hair Cut & Styling


No matter the size of your pet, at Millie's Pooch Parlor, our main focus is on making sure that your pet is comfortable, remains stress free and leaves with his tail a waggin'.  Our staff is very accommodating.  We never have a set time to complete a grooming.  We understand our clients.  We speak their language and realize that they may be a little anxious or in the case of our seniors, may need a break.  

Removal Of Undercoat
& Deshedding


Nail Trimming & Dremel


Ear Cleaning & Hair Plucking


External Anal Gland Expression by Request


What sets us apart...

Turbo Dryer

In keeping with our promise of a stress free environment for your pet, we choose the most comfortable means of blow drying; this includes our Turbo Drying System.  This system is perfect for the more anxious pups and seniors who may be uncomfortable with the blow dryer and sitting and standing on the table for too long.  The Turbo Dryer safely dries your pet's fur by simply recirculating the room air; leaving absolutely no possibility of the dangers of overheating.

No Charge Flea Baths

During a scheduled grooming, if we find fleas on your pet, they will be given an all natural flea bath to take care of the problem.*

*not a preventative 

No Commingling

We are very careful not to put unfamiliar dogs together.  We have crate free areas where they can relax.  Only when we believe that it is for the safety of your pet, do we keep them in a crate.

We also have a fenced in backyard; just another way that we insure your pet's comfort and safety.

No Charge Medicated

For our clients suffering from itchy, inflamed skin due to allergies or infection, we carry Zymox Shampoo at no additional cost.


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Cat grooming available.

We are fully

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